If you visit Rotorua take a trip on the Luge


Basically the luge is like sitting on a tray with handles and a brake. side of a mountain in Rotorua and you have the Luge.. Put it on the 


It has been called a "real-life Mario Kart" after the popular go-kart racing video games.

Take a group of mates and see who can get to the bottom first.
Take a group of mates and see who can get to the bottom first.

But it's not exactly go-karting as there aren't any engines attached to the karts, just gravity doing its thing. The word "luge" actually comes from France and describes a sort of toboggan used in Switzerland. This toboggan, however, doesn't need snow or ice, with a simple stop/go braking mechanism.

The concept was created in New Zealand and the first Luge track opened in the city in 1985. 

Located along Fairy Springs Rd, you can't miss the gondolas slowly snaking their way up to the Skyline Rotorua. Once at the top, riders can choose from three tracks which offer stunning views of Lake Rotorua before weaving down through the redwood forest. When you get to the bottom of the track, hook your luge onto the chairlift and head back up for more.

Parents with little ones can sit them in front.

Families might opt for the scenic route while the more adventurous should try the advanced track with winding corners and thrilling jumps.


There are very few activities that appeal to all ages the way this does. The day we visited, there were families, couples and groups all having a go. Parents with little ones can sit two on a luge.

While I wouldn't be much of an adrenaline junkie, speeding down a hillside is laugh-out-loud fun without being too scary.


If you're visiting in winter – or even just a cold day – remember to bring a hat and gloves as your fingers and toes can get chilly when altitude and speed are mixed.


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