New Spa for Spencer

Spa delivery January 2019

January 2019 and the original spa that has served the lodge so well for 15 plus years has finally been replaced with a brand new modern version with all the whistles and bells. The spa had to be lifted in by crane due to where it is sited on its own deck high above the paddocks below. As far as spa's go this one has got to have one of the best outlooks in New Zealand with panoramic views over paddocks and native bush, across Lake Tarawera with the majestic Mount Tarawera providing a spectacular back drop. "One of the most awesome experiences you can have is when you sit in the spa on a clear night, with no light pollution the stars are amazing", says Angela Mackay, who owns and runs the lodge with her husband David. "We regularly spot the international space station as it makes its way across the night sky and I never realised how often you can spot shooting stars".

New spa on deck at Spencer Lodge


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